Top 20 online business ideas for your first activity in 2020

Top 20 online business ideas for your first activity in 2020

Online business ideas in 2020.Do you need a profitable job when you have neither the time nor the opportunity to work in a company or to hold a full-time position? Do you want to work from home or earn more than your current monthly salary? Try to work online by choosing from these 20 best activities, which we offer! (site overviews: WordPress themes)

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1: Keep a blog

Anyone can create a blog and write articles on different topics daily. A blog is generally made for fun! However, it can become a way to get money. You can publish an article there. Your blog may be there to inform, entertain and advise… The choice is yours, to define what you are going to write about. Anyway, remember that this activity can help you make money.

2: Dropshipping

The most interesting business onlinedropshipping is selling products. You do not manage the stock, your role is to create a platform for buyers to find these products. In this work, your remuneration will therefore be the margin that you will get. Certainly, you would not earn more than if it were you who held the stock. Nevertheless, it is an easy job online.

3: Coaching

Coach of life, dress coach, sports coach, coach couple or coach company, you can exercise your online function. Of course, coaching consists of advising and accompanying the person in question for a certain time and during certain activities. Who Said It Wasn’t Doable Work Staying At Home?

4: The sale of stock photos

Photography is an art that almost everything interests worldwide. Nowadays, technology evolves so much that even with a simple Smartphone, you can take beautiful photos. Use what interests you most! Take and sell your cameras or phones! All websites and web pages need your dazzling photographs to update their content.

5: Freelance writing

The editorial staff does not need a diploma or any particular knowledge. You just need to have a computer and be able to write texts or articles on different topics. So don’t hesitate to start your own business or look for a job as a home copywriter to help you financially! Fiverr or UpWork can help you find and be visible to get started.

6: The creation of the website

Nowadays, private companies, individuals or those which are considered as small businesses need a website to start their activities or to inform customers. The creation of a website is becoming like: “Child’s play” thanks to the platforms on the Internet, which allow you to do so. So why not take advantage of these benefits and use them to make money online?

7: Become an influencer on social networks

The eyes of the world are on social media, which is why some companies need someone to promote them and represent them on the networks. So you can start this activity online and create media content that can help these companies sell their products or publicize their services.

8: Personal assistant at home

Assuming the function of a personal assistant consists of performing various tasks such as:

  • Planning appointments/meetings
  • Answers to calls
  • Send emails, emails
  • Being the intermediary of his boss and his client …

These are, quite, tasks that you can cover online and especially by staying at home.

9: Work as an SEO consultant

This activity consists of optimizing the content of websites, so that their articles or publications are among the first to appear in search engines. Ensuring this function requires a few courses, which, fortunately, are available online.

10: CV writing

When you plan to work online, you should mostly expect writing. The CV plays a very important role in finding a job. If you have succeeded with yours and want to help others while earning money, start your business as a CV writer.

11: Create your Etsy Boutique

Many people spend their time tinkering, creating, modifying and making certain items. Others modify clothes, shoes and furniture to make them more attractive and above all original. We sometimes wonder, why could these activities called “hobby” not become a source of remuneration? What if you use your hobbies and creativity to make money? If you are interested in this fun and profitable business, create your Etsy store for free. Sell ​​your creations on this online platform and earn money as quickly as possible.

12: Choose to be a graphic designer

The evolution of technology has led to the creation of new professions such as that of “ graphic designer ”. This activity requires knowledge and some training on the subject. If you have the talent and the skill to do it, find the project that interests you on Fiverr, UpWork or another freelance job search platform. Work for companies and make advertising displays, images for Pinterest and images for websites, illustrate and present events with your images.

13: The resale of blogs

Currently, it is possible to buy and resell blogs thanks to flippa.com. This online activity allows you to earn even more than when you keep your blog. It consists of finding certain blogs that their owners want to sell and modifying, improving them and then reselling them.

14: Choose to be an Online Advertising Manager

Faced with the multitudes of companies that exist in the world, small and new companies need a little help to make themselves known. As for large companies, some need help and advice because they can no longer handle their advertising. Being an “ online advertising manager ” consists of managing advertisements and putting them online.

15: Amazon seller

For this activity, you can resell items you bought at low prices or with discounts in local markets and then take advantage of the margins obtained on Amazon. As the sales figures increase more and more every year on this platform, this activity will quickly pay off for you.

16: Create and market your box

Create your box and work on your ideas. Nowadays, several small businesses are born online. You just need to know what you want to do: sport, clothing, food, cosmetics, service…

17: Affiliate Marketing

It involves collaborating with commercial companies and creating links leading to their products for sale. Your compensation will be based on the times when someone clicks on the links you have shared on the networks and purchases the products in question. And why not become an LWS affiliate!

18: Simple and fast: the translation

Use your language skills and work as an online translator or interpreter to make money.

19: Buying and reselling product on eBay

Selling on eBay raises a lot of money. You just have to find the requested and wanted items at a low price to resell them and earn the margin obtained.

20: Be a brand strategy consultant

The secret of business is above all to know what customers want. However, many companies do not know what is demanded in the market, be it quality or product. It is therefore up to the brand strategy consultant to collect and transmit this information.

How to create your own blog?

We encourage you to follow your path and thank you for getting there ?

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