How to Create your own blog

How to Create your own blog

How to Create your own blog?

If in the past, it was simply considered as an online presence tool, today, it is clear that a blog can add value to online professional activities, provided it is properly used. How do you create a blog? What are the means to achieve this? This article gives you everything you need to know to create a blog to put at the service of your online store.

To avoid technical jargon, let’s say that a blog is a more or less free forum on which you can express your opinions and personal opinions on subjects that interest you or on products that you have tried. And before coming to the question ”  how to create a blog  “, let’s first see what such a business could be used for.

Affirm your existence

The blog is a necessary tool to bring your site to life. It somehow represents your online store . In reality, every day, hundreds or even thousands of sites are added to the web. As a result, Google’s algorithmic robots drive indexing processes almost permanently.

Indexing is about confirming your existence on the internet and tagging it so that it can appear in a particular category of searches. If your site is not indexed, this means that Google does not recognize its existence and it will never appear in any search.

But apart from indexing, Google robots also conduct a permanent ranking of sites according to their level of relevance. This operation takes into account, among other things, the level of activity of the sites. So, the more frequent you make related posts to your blog, the better your site is likely to be ranked favorably . Conversely, the less frequently you publish, the more likely your site will be downgraded over time.

So, if your site does not appear in the first results of Google, what you will have to do is to publish articles permanently on a blog . This will allow it to live and will serve to tell the search engines that you are active .

Develop a strategy

Apart from the fact that it serves to assert your presence on the net , the blog is also a pillar of your communication strategy focused on social networks . Every article published on your blog can be seen by all your subscribers. Better, you can share the links of your articles on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) or via a newsletter in order to gain more subscribers.

As you publish articles on a daily basis , you are creating a movement that many will follow over time. And if you have good articles, some of your subscribers will even share them.

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How to create your own blog step by step?

In this section, you will discover the different steps to follow to create a blog.

Define your editorial charter

Before you start creating your blog , your goals must first be clearly defined. As we said, creating and running a blog is part of a digital strategy .

You will therefore have to define your editorial charter. Define the topics that are intimately related to your activities and especially suited to your target audience. Do not try to attract the whole net to you because ultimately, you will not interest anyone.

Define your publication frequency

The frequency of publication is an element of loyalty of the audience. Despite the fact that this is the Internet, people generally like to know when they can have a new publication on your platform.

Do not hesitate to be inspired by the frequency of publication of your competitors. But don’t try to copy them. Set a frequency that would suit you and your activities. However, you will have to publish at least one article per month, otherwise, you will almost be considered non-existent.

Choose a website creation software

Why do the neurons unravel to write endless lines of code? To create a blog, you just have to choose a good software. And for those who don’t know, WordPress is one of the most recommended software to create a blog that you can link effectively with your professional activity .

So, if you choose Luhoster.com to host your blog , you can opt for WordPress to create it. You will also be able to find lots of others like Joomla or Drupal who do not deserve this.

How to create a blog with WordPress

Like a website, your blog must be hosted after its creation if you want to customize its address. In general, you will find a multitude of blog hosts but if you have to link your blog to a professional activity , you might as well make the best of choices. For professional activities, it is recommended to choose Luhoster.com to host your blog . Luhoster offers tailor-made solutions for hosting your blog with the WordPress CMS. There are many advantages:

  • rapid implementation of your blog
  • responsive and effective support
  • pricing very affordable
  • The best accommodation offers

Register a domain name for your blog

Apart from choosing a web host, you should also choose a domain name for your blog.
In this regard, we advise you, if you did not already have a domain name with Luhoster.com , to book one as soon as you buy accommodation. The domain name is included with your hosting plan .

How to set Custom domain name on google sites?

And when it comes to choosing the name, choose one that is easy to remember and simple to spell for the average visitor. It depends on the accessibility of your blog and, ultimately, its success.


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