Freelancer Web Designer: working on website creation

Freelancer Web Designer: working on website creation

Website designing is part of every Freelancer Web Designer career. Even if it is more practical to create a page with a more specialized platform, such as WordPress, There is still a lot of demand for the profession of companies that are looking for a skilled professional in managing their websites. So in today’s content we show you what you have to be to be one Freelancer Web Designer that fits into a profile that is suitable for the labor market.

What does a web designer do?

Web Designer is the professional who specializes in designing and developing aesthetic products for the internet. This includes projects such as websites, blogs, web stores, e-commerce, single pages, icons, logos, social media illustrations, and other digital web pieces.

The main objectives are to create and develop online materials that are both visually appealing and provide an excellent user experience for the consumer user (UX). This is achieved with interactive interfaces and other applications that only work in a virtual environment.

What it takes to work as a freelancer web designer?

A Freelancer Web Designer focuses on the visual part of an online project. This professional does not need to know or apply any technical problems, such as programming languages, software code or hardware processing.

Nevertheless, additional knowledge can be used to develop an ideal product that meets the expectations of a potential customer.

That is, knowing how to program favors more critical thinking about how a page should and should work, given the elements that the professional wants to place on it. In addition, it can also increase the amount charged for the service performed.

Other requirements are:

  • Knowledge of technical or higher design courses such as illustration, layout and use of color.
  • Insight into the application of styles, typologies, logos, icons and fonts, these elements can be combined or detached.
  • Possibility to plan, structure and organize page elements and digital parts for navigation and user experience.
  • A portfolio that serves as a showcase of earlier work helps you to find new customers. So have one online resume or a professional website is a must to find on the internet.
  • Have a powerful own computer and access to design programs in general, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design among others.

Where to learn about web design?

If you are a little bit lost to get started in the field of Web Design, there are a few methods that you can use to position yourself in this website designing segment. Below are some tips on places to find out more about the subject.

Online courses

Courses are the primary source for you the basic and advanced paths in the field of Web Design. They exist in large quantities and are supplied by educational institutions (paid) or specialized websites (free). If you want to get started quickly and do it all over the internet, research platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, Alura and Bit degree. They have free and paid plans, study guides and lessons.

Online communities

When many experienced users come together, they create their own online communities. Especially in social networks. For example, Facebook has area-specific online communities such as WordPress, Web Design, Website Hosting, and so on. By becoming a member, you come into contact with more experienced users and you learn directly from them.

Higher education

These are the technical or higher education academic courses spread across the small, medium and large cities of Brazil. These can be federal, provincial, municipal and private universities. Institutions such as SENAC, of ​​technical degree, also have different courses in the segment. It is only recommended to pay attention to MEC validation for each educational institution in which you are interested.

Advantages of a web designer for creating websites

Being an experienced professional in website design and knowledge of a web designer has some advantages. Below you can view the most important ones:

  • High demand. The job market for this professional usually has many vacancies. Sometimes companies want a temporary expert to develop a complete website or layout for specific pages such as Landing Page & # 39; s. In other cases, a customer may request the development of a logo or visual changes on an outdated or outdated website.
  • Being able to trade in other areas. By sharing some knowledge, a web designer can also act as a graphic designer in the planning and development of printed graphic components. This includes graphic art and layout for newspapers, magazines, posters and other aesthetic materials.
  • Increased income. A Web Designer will not be a millionaire overnight, but the market for these professionals often pays fairly well. As a freelancer you can get jobs and reach your weekly goals on time, which increases your gross monthly income. It works best in combination with a fixed-income source.
  • Applied and updated knowledge. The professional uses his knowledge constantly for a user-friendly user-friendliness and browsing experience. At the same time you keep in touch with the latest software and application technologies to get a complete job done. Updating suitable content and tools is part of your routine.

What do you need to work at home as a freelancer?

Before you can venture as a Freelancer Web Designer, you must ensure that you have the equipment and materials you need to do your homework.

Below are some of the most important items:

  • Graphic software. The basis of every Web Designer is access to design programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. You must have them installed on your computer in order to create and deliver your ordered work. Give preference to the latest and most recent versions, which have more functions and unique functionality.
  • Powerful hardware. A Web Design work computer must be powerful enough to run a range of applications and software without choking. In other words, invest in hardware on a powerful machine with a lot of RAM (at least 12 GB). processors and graphic cards (GeForce or Radeon) that are capable of handling heavy data.
  • High Speed ​​Internet. As a freelance home office you need to be connected to the internet to reach your customers and get new opportunities (networks). It is also important to have a high-speed connection for testing website hosting, servers and sample pages & # 39; s in constant development.
  • Schedule Management. Working at home can be very or little productive. This directly depends on how disciplined you are and how you manage your schedules according to the requirements of the tasks and your availability to execute them. Divide your time between professional and personal, try to keep distractions away from the cozy home environment and provide a place where you can concentrate – preferably quiet.

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5 tools for working as a web freelancer

Working as a freelancer means that you need tools to get your work done. After all, this professional has to manage all his tasks autonomously, outside the control of the programs of each company.

So below are 5 suggested work tools to have. The idea is to help you in this process without overloading your schedules and increasing your productivity, regardless of the career path you follow.

GSuite | Google services

GSuite screen printing

the GSuite It is a complete set of tools for professional and personal tasks and activities. It includes e-mail, calendar, spreadsheets, chats, video streams, forms, photos, and cloud storage services. And it’s free.

TIP: Meet other services from storage area in the cloud and broaden your tool options to use.

Trello | Task manager

Trello screen printing

the Trello It works as a giant task manager and administrator. The user can record project cards and spreadsheets and follow the progress of all tasks by simply moving these cards from one column to the other.

The tool is not only for professional requirements. Nothing prevents you from using it for planning and organizing personal activities and appointments. Everything is done via an intuitive control panel with very simple and various functions.

Dropbox | Saving data

dropbox logo

the Dropdbox It works as a virtual flash drive where you can store and edit documents and files in real time via the cloud. This gives you access to everything from any device connected to the internet.

The tool saves and saves the development of your projects. You can do everything, both online and offline. It is ideal for a freelancer who works on the road. Moreover, it has 2 GB of free space to use. And still have the paid plans.

Stay focused | Focus and productivity

print of StayFocused extension

Challenges to be a freelancer, retaining focus and productivity. Especially on the internet today, with distraction and interference (social networks, online games, etc.) Available with a few clicks.

the Stay focused is a Google Chrome extension that serves to limit the amount of time a user spends time with moments that do not help him perform his work tasks. It manages access time and even blocks unwanted sites, eliminating procrastination.

GoToMyPC | Remote access

Go to my PC screenshot

the GoToMyPC This gives you access to your work machine everywhere. This allows you to produce, edit and manage documents, folders and files via a management login and password.

All you need is a username and password and a stable internet connection. Moreover, it is also compatible with responsive display devices that facilitate access in a situation where the user only has one smartphone with him.

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The digital market continues to grow. As well as the possibilities to work with website creation and maintenance. As a Freelancer Web Designer you can plan and develop online projects that meet the requirements of companies looking for skilled, creative and well-organized professionals with their duties. Today you have provided valuable tips and tools to meet all these requirements.


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