Translate language content without Google Translate!

Translate language content without Google Translate!

These days these are translation tools essential. Whether it is for your professional activity or a trip abroad, it is essential that you can translate a foreign language for every moment ! Like many other Google tools, the Google Translate tool is used by most internet users.

However, to other alternatives of translation and these are sometimes more effective and more practical then Google Translate. We will explain what the are in this article benefits of these alternative tools. Let’s go!


Many alternatives to Google Translate

Many alternatives to Google Translate


Linguee is an online translation platform. Offer an interface easy to use, you can translate content into 25 different languages ! If you want to translate multiple words in a specific language, Linguee searches directly on the internet for examples of translations. This function is practice because it allows you to get relevant translations !

But be careful, the searches are performed by an algorithm and the translation examples are not checked. Linguee also offers a classic dictionary! When you download the application Linguee on you mobile (Android or iOS), you can use the translation functions even while he is offline !

The Linguee interface is very easy to use!


WordReference is a translation website known in the whole world. This allows words and expressions to be translated into 17 different languages ! WordReference is very popular and can be considered as one serious alternative to Google Translate! When you translate content, WordReference is displayed main translations and secondary translations. WordReference offers one active forum and it’s one good point !

Thanks to that you can exchange with d & # 39;other users experienced and enrich your vocabulary In other languages! You can consult the forum freely but if you want to participate, you must create your online user account. last interesting point, WordReference differentiates well it British English and the American English in his results!

WordReference is a very serious alternative to Google Translate!

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft, another internet giant, also offers its translation tool. The translator interface is relatively simple and makes it possible to translate content into 64 different languages ! Moreover, you can translate to the maximum 5000 characters in a moment ! You can download theapplication on you computer or yours mobile (Android or iOS).

Thanks to the latter you can act direct translations online ! Immediate translation by downloading language packs offline shall also possible. To add a touch of lightness, Microsoft Translator offers to translate content into Klingon, a fictional language from the Star Trek universe! Practice if you want to impress your friends!

Translate your content into 64 languages ​​with Microsoft Translator!


Reverso is also another online translation platform very famous of the general public. When you enter one or more words to translate, Reverso offers you a translation different contexts different! You can translate content into 13 different languages. Reverso it’s noticable by proposing one spell check and grammar !

a mobile application on Android / iOS is available and you can Use functions from Reverso. Like you register a user account you will be entitled to it extra options on the application such as the historical of your last searches! Reverso is particularly useful if you want improve of the important documents in a foreign language.

Reverso is an online translation platform that is also well known!


Pons is also an online translation platform offered by a famous German publisher with the same name! The Pons tool suggests two different services namely a dictionary and a translator of words. The dictionary and the word translator offer in addition to a translation 10 different languages !

The Pons interface is very nice to use and the German dictionary is very complete ! Moreover, a forum is available and you can exchange with d & # 39;other users to ask your questions and propose your translations! In addition to offering one search history, Pons does not broadcast no commercials and this choice is real good point !

Pons is an online translation platform without advertising!

Congratulations! You are at the end of the article and you now know excellent alternatives to Google Translate 🙂 If you liked this article, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and share on social networks.

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