How to set a custom domain name on Google sites

How to set a custom domain name on Google sites

How to set a custom domain name on Google sites

Google Sites is a site-building tool provided by Google with ease of use without the need for design or planning skills. Web Design at Google Sites automatically looks perfect (responds) on all devices, desktop, tablet or cellular (smartphone).

Google Sites available free with a storage limit of 100 Mb per site. The advantage is that the site can be found by Google search engine (Google search), it is easy to move, drag, drop, edit, upload and close. The Google site is also linked to Google installations such as Youtube, Calendar, Maps, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Maps and Google Drive. You can work together to create a site with other Gmail user groups.

Because it’s free, the downloaded URL is https://sites.google.com/view/namabisnis (as shown below) and this is great to remember and look unprofessional. Don’t worry, you can combine the long URL with your own dot com using specify a custom domain name allowed by Google Sites. Another advantage is that you can create email @ namabisnis.com as much as possible.

Big name Google Sites

The trick, after you create a website using Google’s site, is the domain name and web hosting to sign in to your Google site. Please order and see web hosting prices of. Once you’ve got your web hosting enabled, it’s time to set a custom domain name on Google site. Here’s how:

1. Open your site in the Google Site Control Panel. Click the down arrow to the right of the PUBLISH button (step 1). Then select Publish Settings … (step 2).

google custom site domain

2. A “Publish Settings” pop-up window appears and click MANAGE

google site manages custom domain

3. Enter the domain name (make sure you have purchased a domain name and web hosting). Will show up This URL is not verified. Click on verify your ownership.

google site controls custom domain

4. A new page called Webmaster Central appears and click the drop-down menu that prompts you to: Select your domain registrar or provider, then select but.

central Google domain domain custom webmaster

After another click it appears below. Enter the TXT code in Cpanel web hosting. Follow the steps below.

google site add txt custom domain

5. Open a new browser tab. Login to Cpanel : www.domainname.com/cpanel (replace your domain name with your own domain name). In our example we use the domain name bocindonesia.com/cpanel. Your Cpanel username and password is called Web Hosting Activation. Sign in to Cpanel.

cPanel google custom site domain

6. In Cpanel, click Zone Editor.

The Cpanel zone processor

7. Click the Manage button.

Management of the zone processor

8. Click the down arrow next to the blue Add Record button. Select Add TXT Record from the drop-down menu.

Add TXT record to Cpanel

9. In the Valid name zone column, enter your domain name (step 1). Then enter the TXT code from the Google site earlier in the registration column (step 2). Click the Add Record button (step 3).

Add the TXT record to Cpanel

10. Then on the browser tab in point 4, click Add CNAME entry.

Add a Cname entry

11. The CNAME registration code displayed must be entered in the zone editor in Cpanel.

Google Sites CNAME

12. Go to Step 8, in Zone Administrator Management, click the down arrow next to the blue Add Entry button, select Add CNAME Entry.

Add a CNAME record to Cpanel

13. Based on the information in step 11, enter the CNAME Label / Host code in the Name column (step 1). Enter the destination / target CNAME code in the Subscribe column (step 2). Click the Add Record button (step 3).

Add a CNAME subscription to Google sites

14. Still on the same page, change the CNAME log name www.namadomain.com. You are showing the Google registration, which is ghs.googlehosted.com. Click edit (step 1), delete domainname.com with ghs.googlehosted.com (step 2). Then click the Save Record button (step 3).

Add www CNAME Googlesite

15. Success and scroll down until you write a new TXT record line as below. Then, wait 15 minutes for Google to recognize the TXT registration process.

the results of the settings in the cpanel zone processor

16. After 15 minutes. Return to the homepage page (written in section 4 above). Click on the red VERIFY button! If successful, the page looks like this:

Set Successful Google Custom Domain Name Sites

17. Return to your site’s Google Dashboard and repeat the steps in points 1 and 2. Re-type your domain name. Therefore, the situation is verified, there is a blue check mark like the example below. Then click Assign.

Return to Google sites

18. After you click Assign, your domain name will be saved to the Google site database.

Defining Successful Google Sites

19. It then waits for the propagation period (introduction) for the Google Site to recognize the configuration in the zone editor. The general propagation period is 1 – 24 hours. But in this tutorial is fast enough, takes less than 1 hour already recognizes. First clear your browser’s cache. Here’s the look:

Custom domain name was successful on Google sites

Domain Forwarding Settings

The problem with the above settings is that your site cannot be accessed using the naked domain (without www). One way to be accessible is to have to redirect naked domain so that it always leads to www. The domain redirection method is:

1. Enter Cpanel and click the Redirect menu

Field redirection

2. Select the domain name (step 1), enter full redirect https://www.namadomain.com (step 2, receive a https bonus from Google, you know), select Redirect with or without www. (step 3), then click the Add button (step 4).

Cpanel domain redirection settings

3. After success, here are the signs:

Domain redirection is successful

Try it! If you are confused, just buy a domain and host through us and the BOC team will combine it for you

Written by Hendra W Saputro
Chief Executive Officer of BOC Indonesia
One of Google’s brokers Bali digital arch.


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