How to create a Google website with Google My Business

How to create a Google website with Google My Business

How to create a Google website with Google My Business

08/12/2019 |
BOC Orenzi

For you, whose business profile is registered Google My Business it will automatically appear on Google Maps. Many the benefits of Google My Business to show your business on Google Search.

An installation Google My Business is to be able to make a website there with a platform The Google Builder Site. The original data has already been received when you fill out the information in Google My Business. All you have to do is enable this site feature and add some basic information to it. Interesting?

For those of you who are limited in making money web design which may be less accessible, then you can benefit from Google My Business site installations. However, the site URL will use the Google subdomain URL, i.e. namabisnis.business.site. But later you can use your own dot com or name your own business URL such as namabisnis.com. You just have to buy domain name and web hosting only. Contact us via chat (bottom right corner) to match.

Let's discuss how to create a website in Google My Business using a platform Google Site. We recommend that you use a laptop / computer to create a website.

1. Sign in to google.co.id/bisnisku and select / click on the profile of the site / business you want to manage. In the example below, we use the profile of Warung Muslim Sate Kelinci Ponorogo.

Choose where to manage Google My Business

2. Open the Google Business Bin dashboard. In this article, we use English as a menu language. In the left sidebar, click Website. Then, a selection of themes (web design) appears on the right. Select and the drawing will automatically change to the right. After pairing, click the control button (step 3) to save the web design.

Select google site design

3. Add information about your business. Specify the headline and description. These two things will appear in Google Search. So, make sure you understand the keywords (keywords) of the consumer's mind. As an example illustrated below, it is easy to:

Headline: Describe the main product and its business position. People who travel to Bedugul who want to eat satay, are likely to type satay and bedugul.

Description: It brings together the products offered, the facilities offered along with the integration of his business position.

Short header: It will appear in the middle of the web page. Show important products.

Summary: Describe in depth the products offered, facilities, locations, promises made to consumers, production processes, etc.

When done, click the check mark (step 3).

Fill in the title and description of the site on the Google site

4. A notification appears that the site in Google My Business is ready. Just click to post or click anywhere so the notification goes.

Google Site Publishing Notification

5. By default, Google gives the site name (URL) to the Google My Business profile name. That's too big. You can shorten the site name so it's easy to remember. Click the pencil icon.

Edit the name on the Google My Business Google website

6. Change the name of the site address as you like. Tip: You can use keywords or your own brand. The important thing is short and continuous. Click Change. If the name is not available, Google will notify. Look for more.

Change the name of the site address to the Google site

7. The address has changed successfully and it's time to publish your site. Click the PUBLISH button.

The address is complete on the google site

8. Google notifies that the site has been published. Click the View Site button.


9. Then, as a reference to managing the above, you can open the site https://satebedugul.business.site

Google site satebedugul

Manage your site content updates on Google

Once you have a website on the Google site, you can update the site content via the Google My Business dashboard. By default, the content of your site is generally such as Google My Business phone numbers, i.e. phone numbers, instructions (instructions), testimonials, gallery (containing your photos uploaded to Google My Business) , maps, addresses and opening hours.

You can update to include photos and news on the site using the Post feature in the Google My Business dashboard. Here's how:

1. Also, in the Google My Business dashboard, click Publish (step 1). As shown below. Then select one of the many content update offers out there.

Post Google Site Content Updates

2. In the example, we want to update the content of the product. The image is taken from the computer and then filled in with the product name, price (you can use range options), detailed description and action options. Lots of action options to choose from. In the example, select the phone number. You can also insert a link (URL) to a specific page. When you're done, click on the PUBLISH button. Below is an example. Later, updated content will appear on your Google site. Try it!

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