Cc, Cci: Mail and copy hidden what differences

Cc, Cci: Mail and copy hidden what differences

Different customers of courier and Webmail Roundcube offers service suggestions different beaches of destinations. Cc and Cci each have a particular use. The article contains all the comments well use these different fields. Stay away!

Use Double Cc Mail


Cc proving to be English Copy with carbon and means in French Copy the carbon. When you send an email, it is sent to a destination hand. The field Cc makes it possible to add secondary destinations. Your customers are interested in answering questions!

All rooms are air-conditioned addresses to e-mail addresses which includes e-mail for the main recipient. The Cc field is regularly used in the professional environment!

You too use the Cc field with our Roundcube Webmail! To do this, nothing simpler :

  • Connect with business correspondence on Roundcube
  • Cliquez sur Rédiger
  • Cliquez sur Ajouter Cc and help their email addresses!

Just unplug to send the Webmail Roundcube!

Capitalizing on the Cci


It is possible to request an email without revealing the name of the mail to other destinations. The BIC field allows you to do this action! Cic means The carbon copy is invisible. The CLC field hold the respects at private lives of your contacts!

Use the package to use your software cacher sends an e-mail some of which are intended for destinations. Le champ Cci permet également de se protective potential spammers !

Get yours fonctionnalité cci avec notre Roundcube Webmail en un instantly !

  • Click the Language button and touch the Languages ​​button
  • Cliquez sur Rédiger
  • Cliquez sur Ajouter Cci and help the e-mails souhaitées!

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Stories! Producers arrive at the object and realize that they have the right to participate in the Cc and the Bcc field 🙂 If you liked this article neetes to leave a comment below and share it on social networks.

Also, use the Util Les Champs CC et Cci comme professionnel! The result of the deduction from the redemption of all discounts is justified -25% for sending an e-mail message Pro from our sales site?




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