Do you comment on the routes as sites and databases from ISPConfig?

Do you comment on the routes as sites and databases from ISPConfig?

The ISPConfig website

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  • Problem restaurer to derniere sauvegarde web site voting and gagner du temps.

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Comment effectuer Do you know about site sites and databases in ISPConfig?

Log in to the ISPConfig and cliquez sur "Locations"

storage spaces and databases

Cliquez sur le domaine concerne par la sauvegarde.

storage spaces and databases

Cliquez sur l 'onglet "Backup"Confirmed de paramétrer vos sauvegardes.

storage spaces and databases

Remplissez les différents champs comme costume:

  • Intervals of watchmen : You should have chosen one of the most important, flexible and medium.
  • Nombre copy of the guardians : Come out of your yard, each of the copies. Enjoy 1 of 10
  • Blocked lists : The information used is for security reasons only

Cliquez enfin sur "Save"Tributes or issues.

storage spaces and databases

The different types of beds:

  • This site contains information (web sites and folders)
  • A base station for children

You are on the page, you can back up web sites. Disconnect with the end date and click the Backup icon on the MYSQL database and at the bottom of the page.

storage spaces and databases

The Derrière chaque sauvegarde, the trois boutons do not answer the questions:

  • Reserve : Website that hosts the site or database that has a date
  • Backup : Permet de télécharger la sauvegarde
  • Delete Backups : Support ISPConfig. This action is unalterable.


Vous connaissez désormais lMsgstr "Importance of website results et de vos bases de données. Edit the menu and click the Options button, click the article number below to view the content of the Web page. Fill in your comments or delete your comments for your own locations Voting sessions VPS sous ISPConfig.

You have the right to participate in your report with comments

Alternatively, exchange your messages with the customer

nom de domaine .CM

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