Google removes the Submit URL form feature on July 25, 2018. It is replaced by the Google Search Console feature to register new websites or articles to be indexed and appear on Google Search .

In the past, register the website only by entering the URL / website address and clicking Submit. Now, the stages are pretty much challenging. Here's how to register your website on Google Search:

1. Open the Google website and type in the Google search console. The URL is here: https://search.google.com/search-console or https://www.google.com/webmasters or https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home (Google Ah is always changeable, but this is technology hehehe). Once clicked, it looks like this and click Start Now.

google search

2. Enter using your Gmail / Google account. Then enter your website name. Complete using http or https.Click the Add Property button.


3. Verify ownership (verify ownership of the website). You can verify by downloading files from Google and upload using Cpanel/cwp panel or use an easier verification method using HTML tags (continue reading number 4):


Stages of how to verify through downloading Google files and uploading to Cpanel. Use a new window / tab to do the following (sequence: starting from the image on the left then clicking right). After uploading, return to the Google Search Console window / tab and click VERIFY.

cpanel cpanelcpanel cpanel cpanel cpanel cpanel

4. Another easier option is verification using HTML code. Click on the HTML tag menu. The method below:

search console

Copy the HTML code listed there and enter it in the line after the code <head>. The example below uses the WordPress CMS. Enter the wordpress dashboard (sequence: starting from the image on the left then click right). After finishing pasting and updating the file, go back to the Google Search Console window / tab and click VERIFY.

wordpress wordpress wordpresssearch

If it has been verified, the new version will appear in the Google Search Console. To request that your website be visited by Googlebot and request that Google appear on Google Search, change its appearance to the old version (Go to the old version). See below:


The old version of the display has a picture below. Click on the CRAWL> Fetch as Google menu and click on the FETCH button. Then Google will receive a request to visit your website from the front page. Googlebot then automatically tracks the links on your website.


The status will appear later, as shown below:

search engine

But if you want the latest posts to be visited by Googlebot immediately, do this Google Fetch at the URL of your article. For example below:

google console

The result is after the FETCH below. You can do fetch for display on desktop and smartphone at once.


What's the difference between FETCH and FETCH AND RENDER? According to sources directly from Google here: https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2014/05/rendering-pages-with-fetch-as-google.html that FETCH instructs Googlebot to index the code and HTML only. Then for FETCH AND RENDER, Googlebot will search for all external files from the website page, either css, javascript, images, etc. This facility requires time for Google to display its report.

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