Everything A Beginner Needs To Know About Shared Hosting

Everything A Beginner Needs To Know About Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is seen as one of the cheapest solutions for web hosting. The web hosting platform is commonly used and is used in many websites. Bloggers, small business owners and start-ups usually prefer the shared hosting platform and it is considered the best platform for creating a Website with limited budgets immediately.

If you want to use shared hosting on your blog or website, take a look at the main aspects of shared hosting that you must know below:

What Is Shared Hosting?

A number of websites are hosted on a single server on the shared hosting platform. The server resources are shared between all websites hosted on this server. A certain amount of server resources are allocated for each site according to the chosen hosting plan.

A Windows Shared Hosting or Linux Shared Hosting can be seled by the website or blog owner. The selection of the OS is based on website owner's preference and on the language of coding and development platform used for the web site development. You must, for instance, choose Windows Shared Hosting if you want to work with ASP.NET.

How Does The Shared Hosting Platform Work?

To host multiple customer accounts, a shared server is divided. Each client controls its website, blog, e-mails and databases. All customers share the resources and costs of the shard server.

With simple words, shared hosting is like hiring a flat with other people–you have your own room, but all the members share resources such as electricity, water and shared areas. This is because the full cost and maintenance is shared equally between all members because this solution is considered as affordable.

How Is Shared Hosting Different From VPS And Dedicated Hosting?

Shared HostingVPS HostingDedicated Hosting
DefinitionSeveral Websites on the same server are hosted in shared hosting, and all account servers share resources.A customer has full root access on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). On a physical server, customer accounts are also shared by the other virtual private servers.The whole physical server is dedicated to one customer account in dedicated hosting.
PerformanceThere is limited resources on a shared server because multiple accounts share these resources. This could influence the website's speed and performance.Compared to the shared hosting, VPS offers complete root access and more resources. You can host VPS:Dedicated hosting offers full root access and is dedicated to a single client. You can: In special hosting:
SecurityYour website shares a server with the other websites during shared hosting. If malicious activities are performed by some other customer, your IP may be blacklisted.In a VPS, compared to shared hosting there is less customers with whom you share the physical server. The web sites and applications on the VPS and the IP of the VPS are managed by the customer with extremely little chance of being affected by the other web sites.The computer server is dedicated to your website for specific hosting. There is a significant decrease in the risk of attacking viruses and other treatments on your websites and a near eliminated risk of IP blacklisted.

What are the advantages of shared hosting?

While the shared hosting platform has its own set of limitations, it is ideal if you build a new website and know for the first time the hosting environment. The advantages of shared accommodation include:


Shared hosting is extremely cost-effective. Sharing hosting is best for you if you want to be cautious before making a major investment in your website. You can receive shared hosting with LuHoster for as low as $ 1 per month.

Built In cPanel / Plesk

You can get cPanel for managing your website (shared Linux hosting) or Plesk (shared Windows hosting). These control panels are available for free and you can easily manage website settings, DNS settings, e-mail settings etc by using these control panels.

What Type Of Websites Can Opt For Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is ideal for small and medium websites, including small blogs for completing dynamic company websites. The website owners can start their own on line business website with shared hosting, comfort and flexibility. In addition, shared hosting is ideal for you if you're starting a small website or blog. First, and then as the business grows, you can start shared hosting; you can consider upgrading to a new hosting package that is more resourceful.

Which hosting provider should you choose from?

You will meet many web hosting providers, but your research is important before you sign up for any web hosting company. A range of features are available on LuHoster with all common hosting packages, such as free SSL, hosting powerful servers, e-mail accounts, malwscanning and removal, CloudFlare CDN, and the free migration of websites etc. at a very affordable price. With a free money back guarantee LuHoster offers 24 hours a day support when it is about setting up or migrating the website. You can choose your favorite location from India, Great Britain and the United States.

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